Refrigerated transport

Groupage and distribution of perishable national and international markets.

We specialize in transportation north of Spain, namely to Cantabria, País Vasco, Navarra and La Rioja.

Our commitment has always been to give the best service both domestically and internationally in the rest of Europe.

We maintain the cold chain.

Servicio 24 Horas

Our facilities are open 24 hours to serve our customers and other carriers that require our facilities.

With our service 24 hours NON STOP we provide for loading, unloading and storage of your goods, our ships refrigerated 24 hours a day.

Within this service we include the ability to collect the goods in the various warehouses of Alicante and Murcia REQUIRING THEIR VEHICLES FOR CLOSING TIME IN SUCH STORES, for later loading in our facilities and not to delay the departure of its vehicles and goods.

Available, if you need a distribution service with a fleet of versatile vehicles that can be adapted to the volume, size or type of goods, thus being able to reach any customer regardless of the conditions of loading and unloading.


Cargas Generales

We have a variety of different types of vehicles and semi trailers, tarpaulins and refrigerators for all types of goods.

Our modern fleet of trailers; refrigerators, tarpaulins and canvas mega allow us to transport all kinds of goods on pallets, boxes, complete machines or parts, drums, furniture, packages, etc., loaded and rear, side or from the roof download.

We have vehicles for loading and unloading goods from their intended lifting platform so you can download your customers whatever their needs.